Great News...


INTERVIEW - Jaime Allen interviews me on her radio show "Facets of the Heart" Monday 6/15/2015 10pmEDT / 9pmCDT / 7pmPDT. Listen here live or as a podcast: "PJ Ju on Facets of the Heart"


SIGNED - I'm proud to announce that Washington Street Publishing in Nashville has signed several of my songs for artist pitching and film/TV placements.


SELECTED - "U.S. Highways" was selected to be performed at the NSAI's Publisher Luncheon 


SELECTED - "U.S. Highways" was selected to be in the NSAI Top 40  


INTERVIEWED - The Daily Country's Tara Joan was sweet to interview me and share a bit about my songwriting: "Get to Know Songwriter PJ Ju"


SELECTED -"U.S. Highways" was selected as one of the top 3 country songs to be played for the Country Music Pros Panel at the ASCAP EXPO 2015 in LA.


WINNER -"U.S. Highways" was voted as one of the top 12 songs in Nashville Songwriters Association International's "Best of Spring Training" and got me a Performer pass to play Tin Pan South 2015!!


NOMINATED - "Wipers" and "Shut Up" have been nominated for Best of


NOMINATED - "U.S. Highways," "Minibar," "Just a Car" have been nominated for NSAI's Publisher Luncheon


KEPT - "U.S. Highways," "Anywhere You Are (Heaven)", "When You Whisper My Name," "Nothing But You," "A Breaking Heart Will Lie," have recently been picked up by a couple different publishers. 2 of these were also kept by the camp of a major label artist, and another pitched to a big indie label artist's camp.


NOMINATED - "U.S. Highways" and "Untwist" have been nominated for Best of


IN PRINT - Check out my membership testimonial in NSAI's MusicMillJournal Newsletter, and shot of inspiration in my SongtownUSA's citizen post on how what you think is failure turns into success in a split second.


PRESS - I'm in MusicRow magazine as one of the "promising new Country songwriters" attending the ASCAP Foundation Country Songwriting Workshop taught by Darrell Brown ("Raining on Sunday"). See the article here.

THANKS FOR YOUR VOTE! - "A Breaking Heart Will Lie" was up for voting in the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) Top 40! We don't know the outcome, but really appreciate your vote!


PUBLISHER ACTIVITY - A respected Nashville publisher requested to pitch one of my songs. This is another milestone. I also had my first official publisher meeting on Music Row recently -- so cool to walk up into the victorian house and share some music business!


KEPT - "Nothing But You," "Wear Me Home," "That Smile," and "A Breaking Heart Will Lie" have recently been kept up by a couple different publishers.


PLAYING - Come see me play with Amanda Williams (Garth Brooks' "Beer Run"), Dave LaGrande, and a few other members of the Songwriting and Music Business group at the Commodore Lounge/Grill Saturday 5/10 at 7pm.


INVITED - I applied for and was invited to attend Barbara Cloyd's Play for Publishers workshop at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. It's an opportunity to get heard by 6 publishers!


TOP 10 - "A Breaking Heart Will Lie" was in the Top 10 of SongtownUSA's song challenge.


RECORDED - We tracked vocals of some talented Broadway and Grammy-nominated singers on 5 songs for "Flying Fables," a new musical collaboration with playwright Stephanie Berry and lyricist Jenny Bennett.


PICKED - "A Breaking Heart Will Lie" was picked by Steve Seskin to play for publisher Woody Bomar at Seskin's annual Songcrafting Seminar at the Bluebird Cafe.


CO-WRITES - Did five co-writes with five talented songwriters (one was a trio write :) at NSAI, SESAC, TSAI, a couple friends' houses, and one McDonald's in Nashville in January.


PERFORMED - I played open mic's at the Bluebird Cafe, Douglas Corner Cafe, & The Commodore Grille, plus performed at the SongtownUSA + Songwriting and Music Business event at the Listening Room.


WON - Won free airfare to NSAI Song Camp (same time as Tin Pan South) from NSAI/American Airlines!


PICKED UP - Publisher Steve Bloch picked up our track "A Breaking Heart Will Lie" (co-written with Brion Riborn) at Jason Blume's BMI songwriting workshop in November. A first!

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