Great News...

  • INVITED - I applied for and was invited to attend Barbara Cloyd's Play for Publishers workshop at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. It's an opportunity to get heard by 6 publishers!
  • TOP 10 -  "A Breaking Heart Will Lie" was in the Top 10 of SongtownUSA's song challenge.
  • RECORDED - We tracked vocals of some talented Broadway and Grammy-nominated singers on 5 songs for "Flying Fables," a new musical collaboration with playwright Stephanie Berry and lyricist Jenny Bennett.
  • PICKED - "A Breaking Heart Will Lie" was picked by Steve Seskin to play for publisher Woody Bomar at Seskin's annual Songcrafting Seminar at the Bluebird Cafe.
  • CO-WRITES - Did five co-writes with five talented songwriters (one was a trio write :) at NSAI, SESAC, TSAI, a couple friends' houses, and one McDonald's in Nashville in January.
  • PERFORMED - I played open mic's at the Bluebird Cafe, Douglas Corner Cafe, & The Commodore Grille, plus performed at the SongtownUSA + Songwriting and Music Business event at the Listening Room.
  • WON - Won free airfare to NSAI Song Camp (same time as Tin Pan South) from NSAI/American Airlines!
  • PICKED UP - Publisher Steve Bloch picked up our track "A Breaking Heart Will Lie" (co-written with Brion Riborn) at Jason Blume's BMI songwriting workshop in November. A first!

PJ in action.

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